Fall 2009 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: Auburn University

For the umpteenth semester (I’ve lost count), we offer up the latest batch of student digital resumes and portfolios.

A good group of students, in a couple of classes from Spring semester 2009, created these as their final project. Hope you enjoy their work. Please feel free to hire them. Good students & people!


Spring 2009 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Spring 2009 brings us this great group of students.

Check out their digital portfolios & resumes. Hire them!

Good people, all the way around.

Kelly Adams
Ansley Black
Jill Bledsoe
Emily Canan
Kelly Cargill
Alison Christenberry
Kelly Coffed
Carey Beth Elder
Ragan Gibson
Emily Horne
Caroline Inman
Karen Jones
Lianne Lopez-Ceparo
Evie Maddox
Mikey Mahone
Kimberly Meyers
Mallory Middleton
Emily Petree
Whitney Prothro
Maria Prysock
Elizabeth Reynolds
Merry Whidby
Jacob Wilder
Jordan Woo

Spring 2009 Students

Spring 2008 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: Auburn University

A great group of students created their digital portfolios and resumes during the Spring 2008 semester.

Below you’ll find a wide variety of students. Some of them have graduated, or will soon, and you may be able to grab them for a job. So, please check out their offerings.

This semester, we’re stepping up the digital resume/portfolio project. More on that, later.

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