Fall 2013 Digital Resumes & Portfolios (ePortfolios)

Please welcome the final projects from our Fall 2013 Style & Design class. These students spent the whole semester preparing many projects for incorporation into this project. And, of course, they edited and prepared the website, too. Give them and look. You’ll be glad you did.

Geoffrey Josiah Greene

Taylor Shirey

Hailey Kornman

Elizabeth Segarra

Casey Morrison

Mary Catherine Banister

Katelyn Sides

Anna-Claire Gibson

Haley Stevens

Madeline Branch

Grace Devaney

Ellie Johnson

Collier Tynes

Hannah Crane

Allie Heckel

Kimberly Mannausa

Claire Fisher

Michelle Lolley

Lillian Parker

Sheyda Mehrara

Chelsea Zillner

Justin Burwell

Kyle Monteverde

Laurel Dicus

Sarah Drexler

Lillian Parker

Libby Horton

Taylor Shirey

Maddi Bourgerie

Addison Pike

Elizabeth Frenzer

Amanda Moyer

Justin Burwell

Jourdan Cooper

John Dooley

Sarah Moseley

Amanda Collier

Alissa Best

Stephanie Czajkowski

Katie Esters

Lesley Moody

Taira Campbell

Screen Shot of Student Projects Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.18.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.16.50 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.15.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.15.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.13.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.12.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.11.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.10.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.09.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.08.30 PM

Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios (ePortfolios) Spring 2013

Ashley Laws
Here’s a magazine cover similar to the one you’ll make … along with an entire 16 page magazine. Ashley Laws is our cover girl for this one.

NOTE: Some students choose to take down their projects at the conclusion of the class.  In earlier classes, some students may have allowed their domains to expire.  So, please forgive any dormant links you may encounter.

Here are the digital eportfolios for Auburn University PR students from Spring 2013. We like to call these digital resumes and portfolios. We’ve been creating them in classes for over a decade. Recently, a movement among universities across the country has gained strength and they prefer to call them eportfolios. To me that term is very Web 1.0 … but, we are happy to see many others now agree that creating a digital version of a student’s resume and portfolio is very important. So, we won’t quibble over terms. (Cross-posted in our Auburn PR Tumblr blog.)

Fall 2012 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: New Responsive HTML Design

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 3.53.31 PMThis semester we did something new.  In the recent past, we created both a static HTML and mobile version of the digital resumes and portfolios.  With the onset of HTML5 and responsive HTML, I decided to let the students purchase a responsive HTML template to use for their final projects.   We still learn HTML, but now they learn how to create a static site (or dynamic, as in a blog) that will work on any screen.  These resumes should perform well on your smartphone, tablet and computer screens.  Let me know what you think.

These students are wonderful.  Most have graduated.  I suggest that you will be well served if you pursue them for your agency or organization.  They’re sharp!  They’re fun!  You’ll be lucky to have them, too!

Here they are, in no particular order. Well, actually they are in the order they filled out the online form to share their URLs. By the way, we also did a printed portfolio project from the content represented on their websites. I’ve suggested that for years, but this was the first year it was mandatory for this class.

FYI: This semester’s group marks over a decade of digital resume creation by Auburn University PR students. I’m grateful to all of them for humoring me and working so hard on these projects. War Eagle!

Katherine Sutcliffe

Olivia Hutchinson

Tricia Barton

Taylor Cockerill

Elizabeth Zelley

Jessica Smith

Catie Faison

Hannah E. Zito

Eleanor Alby

Amanda Bennett

Haley Bagwell

Scott Kelley

Nikolett Juhasz

Salora Wright

Markevius Jackson

Ian Brittain

Beth Clayton

Anna Hewlett

Courtney Goldin

Landrum Isaacson

Aashana Vishnani

Liz Brittain

Megan Grantham

Marnie Juster

Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Here they are! The Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios from my Style & Design students. Links to their sites and a slideshow are below. Click the first thumbnail and the slideshow will appear.

Many of these students just graduated. As always, I’m sure they want me to share the mantra under which all of these sites were created … Hire Them!

Good students all, I heartily recommend them to you all.

Laura McGee

Jasmine Morten

Samuel Solomon & Resume/Portfolio

Stephen Sprayberry

Morgan Prentiss

Izzy Hortman

Brittany Gibson

Elle Welch

Kristbjorg Johnson

Shanetta Pendleton

Ally Mills

Carly Knowles

Hayley Thrift

Jordan Holladay

Morgan Powell

Paige Robinson

Brooke Bonner

Becca Barganier

Kate Matthews

Sarah Garrett

Charlie Goodson

Spring 2011 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Graduation is over and about half of these students said goodbye to Auburn. The others will graduate at the end of summer semester.

Always love my students and very proud of them. This group was particularly fun and put in a lot of work on these projects. So, give them a look and offer them a job or internship.

OK, I finally got all the screen shots of each site into the slideshow. ;o)

Danielle Albert
Amy Barton
Kelsey Blohm
Kellie Camuso
Courtney Crew
Brent Culver
Maggie Daley
Brooke Davis
Kristina Emerson
Carrie Gordon
Tatum Henley
Amy Hood
Alison Hop
Margaret Ann Killam
Andie Long
Paige Lowery
Abigail McInnish
Gabby Meredith
Jenna Nash
Christi Parrish
Rachel Pitman
Patti Plath
Chelsea Pound
Kevin Randolph
Rachel Rimes
Lauren Schuster
Rebecca Smith
Nicole Thomason
Erin Walker
Chelsea Watkins
Michelle Wilder

Latest Digital Resumes & Portfolios :: Fall 2010

Well, I have been quite remiss in posting these sites. My apologies.

Here is the last batch of digital resumes and portfolios from my wonderful Auburn students.

Please check ’em out and hire them! Great people!

HTML Sites

Amanda Younce
Ashley Bowling
Ashley Gilder
Ashley House
Betsy Ann Rogers
Carra Monteverde
Haley Rennick
Janet Marie Gunnels
Kaitlyn Parsons
Katelyn Snyder
Kelsey Brown
Laura Leigh Pierce
Leslie Lake
Lindsey Robinson
Meaghan Brantley
Rebecca Lakin
Rebecca Simon
Sarah Funderburk

Mobile Sites

Amanda Younce – Mobile
Ashley Bowling – Mobile
Ashley Gilder – Mobile
Betsy Ann Rogers – Mobile
Carra Monteverde – Mobile
Haley Rennick – Mobile
Janet Marie Gunnels – Mobile
Kaitlyn Parsons – Mobile
Katelyn Snyder – Mobile
Kelsey Brown – Mobile
Laura Leigh Pierce – Mobile
Leslie Lake – Mobile
Lindsey Robinson – Mobile
Meaghan Brantley – Mobile
Rebecca Lakin – Mobile
Rebecca Simon – Mobile
Sarah Funderburk – Mobile

Digital Portfolios & Resumes :: Spring 2010 Auburn PR Students (Now with more Mobile!)

First time ever … mobile editions to our PR student digital portfolios and resumes.

Here they are. All good people. Hire them!

This is the first time I’ve required the students do a mobile version. Only a few chose to go the full route. Everyone had to at least use the simple Google tool to create a version. Some have chosen (or will chose) to take down that Google version, as it is a wee bit quirky. I have chosen to list those that I found that will (I pray) display properly on a mobile device. The WordPress versions are fine.  It is the Google versions that seem to go a bit goofy at times.

Most should have some version located at the “m.<domain-name>.com” URL for their site. We got stuck for time at the conclusion of the semester, so I did not hold their feet to the fire on this part of the project. I will do that next semester. ;o) Still some quirks to work out, but I’m happy with what we did this semester.

I’ve offered to continue to help those that want to do the entire mobile thang over the coming weeks. We’ll see how many buy in. To me, this is important for students to have. How many PR pros will receive an email and perhaps click on a link to your resume? Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a mobile version to view?

Mobile is the 900 lb. gorilla, people. Let’s show potential employers that you are thinking about mobile. This is certainly one way to accomplish that objective.

Note: The students are listed in the order they shared their URLs with me on a Google form I use at the end of the semester. So, they really are not in any particular order, except for those at the top with their mobile sites. I pulled them out and moved them to the top.