Fall 2017 Digital Resumes and Portfolios from PRCM 4020 | Style and Design

Here they are! Wonderful students and their diligent work.

These 40 students created digital resumes and portfolios using HTML5 / CSS3, Adobe Creative Cloud and many other software programs.

Please hire them!

Chloe Mansell
Jack Parrish
Kayla Warner
Lenze Morris
Connor Casey
Kristin Burton
Kelsey Bixler
Kaelin Jackson
Cassandra Geslak
Clara Frances McClure
Peyton Satterfield
Abbye Rhodes
Claire Massey
Katie Brooks Boone
Zoe Hughes
Maggie Wise
Ashley Case
Mary Caldarella
Megan Knight
Emily Cashdan
Shannon Hurst
T.J. Stricklin
Montana Savage
Melissa Parker
Mary Helen Lagarde
Anna Laura Killian
Kate Stewart
Haley Lawyer
Hayley Wright
Molly Swanson
Laura Sellers Perdue

Lindsey Engles
Robin Aldridge
Jade Grogan
Samantha Moore
Casey Bowen
Cory Hershey
Hollis Huge
Kami Muskat
Sarah Beth Roberson

Auburn Style & Design’s Spring 2017 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Please visit the final projects from our Spring 2017 Style & Design classes.
They are constructed in HTML5/CSS3 and will work on either your computer, tablet or smartphone. These projects are the culmination of a semester of work by some wonderful students.

Their projects include the creation of a magazine, brochure or interactive PDF, infographic, logo, animated GIF, tutorial / how-to video and more.

Students also include projects from their previous class experiences including a survey research project, PR writing media release and press kit, case study, campaign plan, whiteboard presentations and more.

Each project is unique and serves as a representation of the student’s skills well beyond what you will find in a traditional resume.

Software used includes Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver (Text Wrangler, Notepad++), screen capture software (SnagIt, Quicktime), Canva, WordPress, Ning and other desktop and SaaS software.

The purpose of this semester-long exercise has two main elements: process and product. They both require the following practices:

  • Reflective thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Planning
  • Self Assessment
  • Personal brand marketing
  • Accountability

Here are some of their front page screen shots. Hire them … now!

Sara Turnley
Emily Goodman
Katie Peters
Madison Vacarella
McKenzie Altman
Daley Henson
Kristine Fedorenko
Jasmine Burton
Abigail Little
Rachael Barnes
Abigail Bennett
Sarah Partain
Julie Anne Jacobs
Emily Eichhorn
Hannah Johnston
Caleb Carden
Judith Hill
Robbie Calk
Olivia Mann

Binh Nguyen
Christina Armstrong
Georgina Selenica
Kevin Phillips
Taylor South
Kaleigh Garner
William Heartsill
Kalee Reeves
Mackenzie Davis
Caroline Holdet
Su Jin Park
Lanier Daniel
Erin Malone
Jake LeGrone
Alexis Sedillo
Georgina Selenica
Monique Willmer
Justin Hild

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Spring 2016 Auburn PR Final Projects :: Digital Resumes and Portfolios


Here they are, the digital resumes and portfolios from Spring 2016.  Created in HTML5/CSS3 and Adobe Creative Cloud.


Courtney Kennedy
Chasity Richards
Daniel Buxton
Evvie Walker
davin cobb
Mohsina Yusuf
Emily Bradley
Margaret Minium
Sara Wells
Ashlyn Perez
Suzanne Norman
Alison Montebello
Steven Benton
Corey Hill
Anna Rogers
Kristen Keeter
Gretchen Glaze
Catherine Abernathy
Morgan Emfinger
Kaitlin McManaway
Mallie Johnson
Cat Perez
Anna LaRue
Abby Broom
Ashley Abbott
Sarah Lenahan
Lauren Jones
Amanda Caldwell
Seth Baker
Kristin Fowler
Emily Hedrick
Maggie Barlow
Shelby baker
Caroline Musall
Meredith O’Brien
Molly Lawrence
Stone Phillips
Anna Turner
Alex Tisdale
Hayden Sisk
Emily Thompson

Fall 2015 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and ePortfolios

Here they are! HTML5 & CSS3 eportfolios complete with blogs.

For a taste of what the process is like when creating one of these, read Paige Serzen’s “The making of…” blog post about her experience.

The semester that these students experienced was one of our most unique over the decade-plus history of creating digital resumes and portfolios. They made it through it all!  I’m proud of them.  Hire them … now!

Fall 2015 PRCM 4020 Digital Resumes
Created with HTML5 & CSS3 responsive sites and WordPress blogs. This is a semester long project in Style & Design.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.39.55 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.35.12 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.32.21 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.22.44 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.26.04 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.25.33 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.23.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.22.06 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.20.40 AMLindsay Mackey
Abbey Herfurth
Macey Cleary
Lauren Tanner
Mary-Allison Thrasher
Carson Williams
Sydney Pope
Marci Sims
Haley (Hay) Haas
Natalie Adcock
Janiee Rush
Eric Callaghan
Emily Kearley
Kathleen McFarlane
Katie Wood
Paige Serzen
Rachael Taylor
Katarina Hong
Meredith Richter
Nadia Niakossary
Taylor Ennis
Allison Childress
Leslie Schroeder
Caroline Haney
Madison Bucher
William Holt
Victoria Recchio
Skylar Brown
Ana D’Ambrogi
Hannah Walden
Katie Harlin
Caroline Holmes
Sara Dyer
Caitlin Miley
Caroline Beauchaine
Anna Busby
Victoria Beasley
Kate Morelli
Logan Moore
Taylor Smith
Lauren McCall
Katie Wood
Meredith Johnson
Rylee Parsons

Auburn PR Student Spring 2015 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Say hello to our Spring 2015 PR students and their digital resumes and portfolios.

Created with HTML5 / CSS3, each resume illustrates a combination of internship/work experience, class projects and a collection of their other work in numerous classes.

Natalie Roberson
Rosa Cantrell
Camren Brantley-Rios
Allison Mynard
Taylor Davis
Angela Minich
Laura Weaver
Lauren Boone
Mikyle crockett
Leah Seay
Brianna Basik
Lanier Kirk
Emily Jay
Bailey Ray
Layla Lambert
Leah Beard
Summer Wales
Elaina Turley
Ashley Spence
Nicole Frinzi
Jessica Terrell
Erin Cornell
Emily Reed
Robert Pinover
Marisa Rodriguez
Whitney Jones
Megan Cornell
Elyse Wiser
Brianna Womack
Jessica Carroll
Paige Wagner
Austin Northenor
Halle Haynes
Taylor King
Kathryn Calhoun
Victoria Webb
Katie Tynes
Kyle Van Fechtmann
Joanna Johnson
Caroline Given
Rebecca Jett
Ariel Reynolds
Lauren Klepac
Eliza Nance
Anna Beth Jager
Olivia Bucklin
Chelsea Phillips
Abby Daughtry
Valerie Cashin
Lauren Spiezio
Sarah Mitchell
Brenna Seymour

Auburn PR Digital ePortfolios and Resumes – Fall 2014

Here they are! Our Fall 2014 Auburn University PR studenet digital resumes and portfolios, also referred to as eportfolios. These projects are the culmination of a semester long process that pulls together each student’s overall school and internship work experiences.

They are HTML 5 responsive websites.  Each site also has a blog which features each student’s writing assignments for the semester.

Share their work with your colleagues and hire them!

Auburn PR Digital ePortfolios and Resumes – Fall 2014

Fall 2014 PR Digital Resumes and Portfolios
Fall 2014 PR Digital Resumes and Portfolios
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.25.28 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.25.07 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.24.36 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.24.18 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.23.29 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.23.02 PM

Spring 2014 Digital Resumes and ePortfolios from our Public Relations Students

What they have accomplished and where they are going.  That is the theme of this semester’s group of e-portfolios.

Chandler Taylor

We continue our practice of creating responsive HTML digital resumes and portfolios.

You’ll find links to their writing samples as well as a full array of student creations, including:  Magazine,  Infographic,  Brochure,  Media Kit,  Tutorial,  Campaigns,  Survey and Research,  Blog and a Social Media Release.

Go hire them!

Sample screenshots from the e-portfolios above.