Fall 2016 Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

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Digital resumes and portfolios from our 2016 Fall Style & Design class. Here they are!

Created with HTML5/CSS3 responsive themes, these projects are the culmination of a semester of work by some wonderful students.

Exercises include the creation of a magazine, brochure or interactive PDF, infographic, logo, animated GIF, tutorial / how-to video and more. Students also include projects from their previous class experiences including a survey research project, PR writing media release and press kit, case study, campaign plan, whiteboard presentations and more.

Each project is unique and serves as a representation of the student’s skills well beyond what you will find in a traditional resume.

Software used includes Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver (Text Wrangler, Notepad++), screen capture software (SnagIt, Quicktime), Canva, WordPress, BLOX and other desktop and SaaS software.

The purpose of this semester-long exercise has two main elements: process and product. They both require the following practices:

  • Reflective thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Planning
  • Self Assessment
  • Personal brand marketing
  • Accountability

Here are their front page screen shots and you’ll find the links to their sites below.

They are all wonderful!  Hire them … now!

Please note: sometimes ads will appear below. I do not endorse any of these products and I’m not going to pay the extra $16 to $36 per year to have them removed from the site.  Sorry!

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