Fall 2012 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: New Responsive HTML Design

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 3.53.31 PMThis semester we did something new.  In the recent past, we created both a static HTML and mobile version of the digital resumes and portfolios.  With the onset of HTML5 and responsive HTML, I decided to let the students purchase a responsive HTML template to use for their final projects.   We still learn HTML, but now they learn how to create a static site (or dynamic, as in a blog) that will work on any screen.  These resumes should perform well on your smartphone, tablet and computer screens.  Let me know what you think.

These students are wonderful.  Most have graduated.  I suggest that you will be well served if you pursue them for your agency or organization.  They’re sharp!  They’re fun!  You’ll be lucky to have them, too!

Here they are, in no particular order. Well, actually they are in the order they filled out the online form to share their URLs. By the way, we also did a printed portfolio project from the content represented on their websites. I’ve suggested that for years, but this was the first year it was mandatory for this class.

FYI: This semester’s group marks over a decade of digital resume creation by Auburn University PR students. I’m grateful to all of them for humoring me and working so hard on these projects. War Eagle!

Katherine Sutcliffe

Olivia Hutchinson

Tricia Barton

Taylor Cockerill

Elizabeth Zelley

Jessica Smith

Catie Faison

Hannah E. Zito

Eleanor Alby

Amanda Bennett

Haley Bagwell

Scott Kelley

Nikolett Juhasz

Salora Wright

Markevius Jackson

Ian Brittain

Beth Clayton

Anna Hewlett

Courtney Goldin

Landrum Isaacson

Aashana Vishnani

Liz Brittain

Megan Grantham

Marnie Juster

2 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: New Responsive HTML Design

  1. This is really great work and you should be really proud. I’m looking to do something with my own resume and wanted to know what software or online program did the students use for their portfolios?

    1. Thank you, Sharifah. The students write HTML5 and CSS3 code to edit these HTML5 responsive templates. You may find such templates by searching for “html5 premium responsive template” in any search engine. For all the content and editing, they primarily use the Adobe Creative Suite: Dreamweaver, InDesign and PHotoshop. They also shoot and edit video and use SnagIt or other screen capture software to create a video tutorial.

      The elements of the project include: at least 10 HTML5 webpages, 10 feature stories, 10 videos, 1 tutorial, 1 infographic, a 16 page magazine, a bifold brochure, social media release and then examples of all the projects they’ve created in various classes during their college career. Examples of those projects are a media kit and a complete plan for a project they create in their capstone campaigns class.

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