Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Here they are! The Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios from my Style & Design students. Links to their sites and a slideshow are below. Click the first thumbnail and the slideshow will appear.

Many of these students just graduated. As always, I’m sure they want me to share the mantra under which all of these sites were created … Hire Them!

Good students all, I heartily recommend them to you all.

Laura McGee

Jasmine Morten

Samuel Solomon & Resume/Portfolio

Stephen Sprayberry

Morgan Prentiss

Izzy Hortman

Brittany Gibson

Elle Welch

Kristbjorg Johnson

Shanetta Pendleton

Ally Mills

Carly Knowles

Hayley Thrift

Jordan Holladay

Morgan Powell

Paige Robinson

Brooke Bonner

Becca Barganier

Kate Matthews

Sarah Garrett

Charlie Goodson

3 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

  1. Hey Lauren,

    Thanks for the kind comment.

    These were created using and adapting open source HTML templates. See oswd.org as an example. Or, you could buy a premium site theme from a variety of sources. Our students must adapt the theme’s code and CSS file(s). This is one of the ways we learn HTML, a skill set PR employers are looking for these days.

    You could use WordPress.com to make digital resumes and portfolios. Get an account. Once you login, go to the Dashboard and look for “Store” and then “Domains”. Buy a domain like yourname.me and map it to the account/blog you’ve just created — for a total cost of $17. Quite reasonable.

    Then, instead of making posts (which you can also do) use the Pages function and make a page for each section of your digital resume/portfolio. Again, go to the Dashboard. Under “Settings” to to the “Reading” section and choose to make a “Static page” your front page. Create a page named “Welcome” or “Digital Resume and Portfolio” and choose that one as your static front page. This will be the front page people will see when they come to your domain — yourname.me

    That’s one way to do it.

    Thanks for coming by!


    1. Robert,

      Thank you for the detailed information!
      I will pass it on and I know our members will benefit greatly if they invest.

      I myself have tried to figure out how to make a good online resume, but the ones here are very clean and professional so I’ll probably follow that route instead.

      Congrats to all the students on a job well done!


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