Latest Digital Resumes & Portfolios :: Fall 2010

Well, I have been quite remiss in posting these sites. My apologies.

Here is the last batch of digital resumes and portfolios from my wonderful Auburn students.

Please check ’em out and hire them! Great people!

HTML Sites

Amanda Younce
Ashley Bowling
Ashley Gilder
Ashley House
Betsy Ann Rogers
Carra Monteverde
Haley Rennick
Janet Marie Gunnels
Kaitlyn Parsons
Katelyn Snyder
Kelsey Brown
Laura Leigh Pierce
Leslie Lake
Lindsey Robinson
Meaghan Brantley
Rebecca Lakin
Rebecca Simon
Sarah Funderburk

Mobile Sites

Amanda Younce – Mobile
Ashley Bowling – Mobile
Ashley Gilder – Mobile
Betsy Ann Rogers – Mobile
Carra Monteverde – Mobile
Haley Rennick – Mobile
Janet Marie Gunnels – Mobile
Kaitlyn Parsons – Mobile
Katelyn Snyder – Mobile
Kelsey Brown – Mobile
Laura Leigh Pierce – Mobile
Leslie Lake – Mobile
Lindsey Robinson – Mobile
Meaghan Brantley – Mobile
Rebecca Lakin – Mobile
Rebecca Simon – Mobile
Sarah Funderburk – Mobile

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