Digital Portfolios & Resumes :: Spring 2010 Auburn PR Students (Now with more Mobile!)

First time ever … mobile editions to our PR student digital portfolios and resumes.

Here they are. All good people. Hire them!

This is the first time I’ve required the students do a mobile version. Only a few chose to go the full route. Everyone had to at least use the simple Google tool to create a version. Some have chosen (or will chose) to take down that Google version, as it is a wee bit quirky. I have chosen to list those that I found that will (I pray) display properly on a mobile device. The WordPress versions are fine.  It is the Google versions that seem to go a bit goofy at times.

Most should have some version located at the “m.<domain-name>.com” URL for their site. We got stuck for time at the conclusion of the semester, so I did not hold their feet to the fire on this part of the project. I will do that next semester. ;o) Still some quirks to work out, but I’m happy with what we did this semester.

I’ve offered to continue to help those that want to do the entire mobile thang over the coming weeks. We’ll see how many buy in. To me, this is important for students to have. How many PR pros will receive an email and perhaps click on a link to your resume? Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a mobile version to view?

Mobile is the 900 lb. gorilla, people. Let’s show potential employers that you are thinking about mobile. This is certainly one way to accomplish that objective.

Note: The students are listed in the order they shared their URLs with me on a Google form I use at the end of the semester. So, they really are not in any particular order, except for those at the top with their mobile sites. I pulled them out and moved them to the top.

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