Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: Summer 2007

This summer’s digital resumes and portfolios are complete. Emily2The project wound up being a bit different than usual, due to the short five week mini-mester term. But, the projects have some new aspects which, I believe, make them more appealing.

I appreciate the work of these fourteen students. Hire them and/or select them for internships.

Justin2Each project contains two major sections. First, there is the resume, an HTML version of the usual Word document. Second, you’ll find the digital portfolio. It contains samples from the work product Keriof these students over their college career.

One new addition to the project is video. Students created video interviews with students, faculty and staff around Auburn. All of those interviews were posted at the Loveliest Village Journal, too.

Thanks to a product recommendation from Edelman’s Rick Murray, the students used Pure Digital’s Flip camera to shoot the video. Offering Drewremarkable video quality (given the cost) and ease to operate, the Flip camera worked quite well. Microsoft’s Movie Maker software edited and produced the interviews. We kept the length of the videos between one and three minutes.

The camera is only $90 and Movie Maker is a free download. So, I treated the camera as if it were a book purchase for the class. Often texts cost much more, $100 to $125 is not uncommon, so this was a reasonable expectation for the students. We will continue using the camera in Fall semester classes.Sherry

OK, here they are. Great students, if you ask me. Give them your consideration, please.