PR Prospects for you from Auburn University

Fall 2007 saw a new batch of PR student projects. The following came from the good folks in the PRCM 4020 Style & Design class.

This is the kind of information I’ll share here in PR Prospects. We’ll highlight student campaign projects, media rooms and kits … and more.

As you’ll learn, if you follow this site, I love my students and I’m very proud of them. This group put in a lot of work on these projects. Please, give them a look and perhaps offer them a job or internship.

Digital portfolios help put students ahead of their peers. I’m convinced of that. It is one more way to share the experience they’ve gained during college. Nothing wrong with showing that you are familiar with social media, too. Each of these students are familiar with blogs, video blogging, social media releases and more.

I’m now preparing for the Spring 2008 semester. Look for notes about what we’re going to be doing and then I’ll share examples here, too.

2 thoughts on “PR Prospects for you from Auburn University

  1. Robert,

    I see that you have your students blogging too. I am considering moving to Atlanta and looking for communication jobs, since I have heard there are good opportunities. Is that true? and what is the grad program like out there?

  2. Hey Lee,

    Atlanta does have a good job market, I’m told. There are some good grad programs in Atlanta, too. Georgia State is among them. UGA is about 1 hour away, too. Auburn is two hours south of Atlanta. We have a grad program, too.

    Good luck in your job search!


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