Spring 2015 PR Student Digital Resume Screen Captures

Auburn PR Student Spring 2015 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Morgan McVay Digital Resume and Portfolio

Auburn PR Digital ePortfolios and Resumes – Fall 2014

Hannah Berryhill

Spring 2014 Digital Resumes and ePortfolios from our Public Relations Students

Beth Frenzer

Fall 2013 Digital Resumes & Portfolios (ePortfolios)

Magazine Cover - Ashley Laws

Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios (ePortfolios) Spring 2013


Fall 2012 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: New Responsive HTML Design

Leighton Lindstrom

Spring 2012 Auburn Student Digital Resumes & Portfolio | Now, with more Mobile!


Fall 2011 Auburn PR Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios


Spring 2011 Digital Resumes and Portfolios